Servant Leadership Characteristics: Trackers

By Mark Vickers, Ph.D.

It struck me that different behavioral styles appear to place different emphasis on passion and perspective. Decision-Makers and Encouragers are motivated by passion and tend to give less consideration to perspective, while the opposite is true for Facilitators and Trackers who are motivated by perspective more than passion.

For Trackers this is especially true. They have a need to know the “why” behind the activities of life and leadership. They lead with a passion for perspective, and this is why they are uniquely positioned to be servant-leaders. A Tracker has an ability to empathize and give of him or herself for the betterment of others–providing the individual possesses true¬†emotional maturity. Much of this stems from their ability to appreciate the “why” of leadership, the ways in which leaders affect change, and the opportunities leaders possess to make lives better and worse.

This sensitivity to change and people is why Trackers have a unique leadership style–rare, thoughtful, deliberate. They march to a mission that instills trust, intention, and most of all, service.


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