What Is Work Traits?

Take a 60 Second Tour of WorkTraits

WorkTraits: How it works (in 60 seconds) from WorkTraits Compatibility System on Vimeo.

70% of the workforce is unsatisfied in their jobs.

Something is missing in the workplace.

Some businesses rely on assessments like Myers-Briggs (MBTI) & DiSC for understanding their employees, but these are generally used just once, in the hiring phase. It’s too much information for people to utilize, let alone remember.

WorkTraits is the solution. It’s simple and effective. It has tools specifically made for the hiring process. It helps managers build teams and motivate employees based on what’s important to them. And it’s fun!

In just 10 minutes:
WorkTraits identifies your behavioral style, or how you communicate (Decision Maker, Encourager, Facilitator, or Tracker).
WorkTraits also identifies what motivates you in the workplace (Ambition, Belief, Compassion, or Discipline).
It generates simple & actionable feedback for employees to help them understand how to best work with team members and managers.
WorkTraits is an ongoing Solution: 77% of users say they access the system regularly — 27% at least once a week!