About Us

About Us

The Science & Business of WorkTraits

Michael Gunther

Director & Managing Partner

WorkTraits Fun Fact: Michael is a strong Encourager/Decision-Maker, which drives his excitement, big ideas, and decisive leadership.

A life-long learner and entrepreneur, Michael continues to search for new ways to expand his business knowledge while also reaching out to other entrepreneurs to share his years of experience and insight to collaborate with.

As the Director and Managing Partner of WorkTraits, Michael focuses on the development and growth of the organization. His nearly two decades of experience as a business consultant, combined with an education in business administration and psychology, gives Michael the knowledge and skills to take behavioral assessments to the next level in organizations.

Ryan Alba

WorkTraits Certified Trainer & Business Development Coordinator

WorkTraits Fun Fact: Ryan is unmistakably an Encourager, but his Tracker and Decision-Maker traits are close behind. He is friendly and engaging, while maintaining accuracy and efficiency.

Using his ability to immediately connect with individuals, Ryan discovered clients’ needs and provided value-based solutions as the Business Development Coordinator. When a company effectively implements WorkTrait’s behavioral assessment software, it results in a unified culture, increased engagement, top talent retention, leadership development, and growth.

Reaching out nationally and internationally, Ryan’s goal is to take the WorkTraits product and gain resellers. While connecting with HR companies, colleges, consultants, trainers, and recruiters, he communicates the value of utilizing WorkTraits through his group trainings and assisting managers during the implementation phrase. As a WorkTraits Certified Trainer, Ryan has an in-depth understanding of the science and purpose of the online tool, and how our behaviors and convictions mold our everyday workplace interactions.

Erin Hoffman

WorkTraits Certified Trainer & Director of Operations

WorkTraits Fun Fact: Although Erin is a Decision Maker first, her Tracker and Encourager traits are still very prominent. She’s direct and detailed—but always with enthusiasm!

As the Director of Operations, Erin thrives in assisting businesses with improving their productivity, human resources, and interpersonal communication.  Erin enjoys working with teams to improve their communication methods by helping them recognize their natural behaviors and motivators using WorkTraits. With a comprehensive knowledge of the WorkTraits history, science, and functions; Erin helps teams understand and maximize their usage of the tool. As a WorkTraits Certified Trainer, she develops programs to help other trainers learn about the software, and guide them in delivering these trainings to their organization.

Maggie Torres

WorkTraits Certified Trainer & Office Manager

WorkTraits Fun Fact: Maggie’s Tracker and Facilitator is able to focus on the details to create high quality work and emphasizing her intuitive care for the well-being of others. She is friendly and has a gift for keeping harmony on the team.

As the Office Manager, part of Maggie’s job is to help employers and employees gain a better understanding of each other through the use of WorkTraits. She loves interacting directly with clients, in person and on the phone; coordinating company meetings, events and trainings. Using her interpersonal communication skills, in combination with a client centered perspective, she is able to anticipate clients and co-workers needs.

Maggie aspire to be a WorkTraits Certified Trainer, to help clients put systems and tools in place that increase productivity and employee happiness. She loves helping local businesses find their greatest potential, and then following-up to see the outcome of the combined efforts.

Rachell Newburn

WorkTraits Certified Trainer & Marketing Manager

WorkTraits Fun Fact: Rachell brings enthusiasm, energy, and engagement to the team as an Encourager while maintaining her Tracker’s accuracy and efficiency to every project she completes.

As the Marketing Manager, Rachell is responsible for marketing WorkTraits services by planning events, building online presence, and monitoring, maintaining, and adjusting strategies to achieve the established goals. Trained as a graphic designer, Rachell learned that her creative approach and tendencies to analyze and strategize made her a natural marketer.

She expanded her skills and soon found her niche as a Marketing Manager. Rachell combines traditional and new media as she creates, monitors and improves outreach efforts. WorkTraits says Rachell is an ambitious encourager, and the people around her strongly agree. When Rachell sees potential in something, she starts envisioning how she’ll help maximize it.

Zheila Pouraghabagher

WorkTraits Certified Trainer

WorkTraits Fun Fact: Zheila is an Encourager/Decision-Maker, a genuine people-person who makes work fun and sees everything in terms of possibilities and solutions.

With extensive experience as a trainer and coach, Zheila utilizes her natural enthusiasm and energy to motivate others. She has a unique ability to identify strengths and challenges when she hears others share feelings and thoughts about their work. As a strong communicator, she helps organizations and employees makes adjustments in a gentle and positive manner.

As a WorkTraits Certified Trainer, Zheila is authorized to facilitate team trainings for organizations who are new to the WorkTraits Compatibility System, as well as those who provide ongoing education for their employees. She has a comprehensive knowledge of this behavioral assessments’ history, the science behind it, and the functions of the online system.

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