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What if you had WorkTraits…

People are complicated. They are also critical to the success of any organization. Communication is key. Bad hires can cost a company up to 30% of the salary of the role. The 2013 Gallup Poll, State of the American Workplace, revealed that 70% of full time employees are unhappy in their work. Managers are spending a lot of time trying to solve interpersonal issues within their teams. So what’s the solution?
WorkTraits. People easily learn about how they communicate and what motivates them in their jobs. Managers see how their teams fit together, and how potential hires fit within their existing culture. Executives quickly get a high level view of the organization. And everyone gets a common language to help them work together more effectively, stay motivated, and increase productivity.
It really is this simple. With WorkTraits, our clients can

  • Hire employees who are most compatible within their organizations
  • Build cohesive, engaged cultures
  • Improve communication and reduce conflict among employees
  • Motivate managers and employees to be more effective