Tracker Trait

WorkTraits Trackers & the Precision

550007_554685457877140_74563790_nThe Tracker trait symbolizes an introverted, detail oriented person who thrives on obtaining all the information to make the right decisions.

Core Motive: Understanding. A Tracker needs to fully understand information and directions in order to make decisions and take action, and in turn, gives often more than adequate information when communicating to others.

What they Say: Everything in detail. They give you the whole story, point by point, to ensure your accuracy and comprehension of what they’re saying.

What they Hear: Everything, but want more. If they aren’t given enough details and precise direction they can feel misled or unprepared to move forward.

What they Need: More than anything they need to be understood. Listen to them, and ask for clarity to ensure you fully understand them.

Watch a Tracker in action…

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