Here come the relatives!

Our gift this season is something we’ve promised,

Throw out the fluff and let’s just be honest.

WorkTraits user, you’re not excused,

Your family has its quirks, but you too have loose screws.

Even though your personality is beaming with joy,

Don’t forget that your blind spots will start to annoy.

They may be hard to see in plain sight,

But a conscious reminder will make things just right.

Our hope is that you become a little more aware,

And remember that our weaknesses are okay to share.

The holidays are hectic and stressful we know,

But embrace the dysfunction and put on a show.


Trackers are detailed like no other trait,

Change for them can be overwhelming and not so great.


WorkTraitsHoliday-TWe love these folks for their organization and attention to detail. On their bad days, however they can be perceived as:

  • Inflexible
  • Critical
  • Impersonal

Trackers think in terms of facts instead of emotion. They love to hear about your life, but will ask a lot of questions. For this reason they can give off an impersonal vibe. Don’t be fooled though, Trackers have a heart of gold, they just don’t wear it on their sleeve.


Encouragers are enthusiastic − the life of a party,

Give them plenty of time, because they will surely be tardy.


WorkTraitsHoliday-EAn Encourager wants to share their enthusiasm with others. They feel right at home around social gatherings, but at their worst they can be perceived as:

  • Emotional
  • Self-centered
  • Scattered

Their boundless enthusiasm can lead to “shiny ball syndrome” where they jump from idea to idea. In their effort to connect with others, Encouragers are likely to tie conversations back to their own personal experience. When done too much, this can be perceived as self-centered.


Facilitators are kind and quiet, but watch out for stress,

Under disagreement or conflict, they’ll become a mess.


WorkTraitsHoliday-FThe core motives for a Facilitator is harmony and security. However, when faced with any crowds or conflicts, their stress goes up and they can be perceived as:

  • Noncommittal
  • Yielding
  • Withdrawn

When faced with disagreements, conflict or just plain stress, a Facilitator will yield (e.g. “OK, let’s do it your way”) but inside they may quietly seethe. While the energy of a group can be energizing to an Encourager, it is draining for a Facilitator. As a result, they will crave quiet time alone or one-on-one to recharge their battery.


Decision Makers are directors with a little attitude,

Their controlling behavior can make them seem rude.

Decision Maker

WorkTraitsHoliday-DAt their best they are respected, at their worst they can be perceived as:

  • Serious
  • Insensitive
  • Bossy

Like the Tracker, Decision Makers think in terms of facts instead of emotion. They are also forward looking and don’t have a lot of time for chitchat.  This “get to the point” attitude is great in a boardroom, but not so much at a social gathering. It’s also important to remember a Decision Maker’s core motive, authority. In the absence of a leader, a Decision Maker will feel obliged to “take control.”


Let us be reminded of each other’s unique sequence of behaviors and how they may be different from our own. Instead of resenting your sister and aunt’s factual thinking or your cousin and uncle’s emotional behavior, put yourself in their shoes and try to relate. There is something in all of us we can improve on to make our relationships more impactful and meaningful this holiday season.

Cheers to an amazing year. We will see you in 2015!
From, the Collaboration Team



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