Do YOU have the Best WorkTraits Story?

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When did you first take WorkTraits? Was it in the interview process when you were exploring a new position? Was it when your managers brought it to your team as a tool to help improve communication? Maybe you’re the CEO or business owner who saw the value and brought it into your company…

Whatever the scenario, we constantly receive feedback from people who have taken the assessment, and it seems they all have a unique story to share. It’s helped managers make better hiring decisions. It’s helped team members build better relationships with each other. It’s helped so many people with personal growth through awareness of strengths and blind spots. And sometimes it’s a funny non work-related moment–like how you eat your breakfast–that makes you realize how much WorkTraits explains who you are and how you work.

So we want to know…

What’s Your WorkTraits Story? 

Enter the contest & you could win $100!

We’ll be gathering these insightful, funny, eye-opening tales and connecting our WorkTraits Tribe through these personal realizations. Our team got the ball rolling, so watch these videos and then submit yours!

The Pancake Tracker

Kellie Brown, WorkTraits Online Marketing Strategist (TE)


The Over-Committing Encourager

Kaitlin King, WorkTraits Communications Manager (ET)


The Marriage of a Decision Maker & Facilitator

Erin Hoffman, WorkTraits Reseller Relationship Manager, (DTE)


A High Tracker Among Spontaneous Encouragers

Jeff Lien, WorkTraits Account & Marketing Coordinator (TE)


An Ambitious Encourager Rediscovers His Childhood

Ryan Alba, WorkTraits Sales Support Coordinator (ETD)


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