Why Should You Become a Provider?

Adding WorkTraits to your services will give you an ongoing, simple solution for your clients that will increase their teams’ productivity and lower their turnover.

You’ll have a recurring revenue generator, and they’ll have access to a system that provides cloud-based, immediate help. You’ll be their solution for hiring, team building, and leadership development!

Get Going in 3 Steps:

  1. Demo the system and see how it will work as a tool for your business
  2. We train and certify you to operate your personal portal and facilitate WorkTraits trainings for your clients
  3. We set up your online support account with sales, marketing, and training tools to get you earning right away!

The Perks:

  • Be the solution your clients need
  • Get recurring revenue for your business
  • Create additional revenue stream opportunities with the freedom to facilitate and price training programs at your discretion for maximum earning potential
  • Assurance of relationship-centered support via webinars, online tools, and live assistance