WorkTraits & When It’s Time To Change

By Mark Vickers, Ph.D.

This epiphany came to me at In-N-Out Burger. Revelations are funny like that. They come at strange times (in this case, with secret sauce on my chin). I had to scramble to find something to capture those thoughts. I was using my napkin to wipe my chin, so I grabbed my receipt and a pen and began to take note.

Those scribbles that day changed my life. They became the blue print for my future. So important were they that I still keep that receipt in my wallet. It’s too faded to see the date or even what I ordered (I think a double double with grilled onions), but it’s there to remind me that we all need to remember what’s important.

This was my take away that day: remember my passion, work from my strengths, and know that change will come tomorrow, so be ready. I encourage you to remember these as well. Because if we forget them and need to make a change, we won’t remember our “why.”


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