Etna Interactive

Etna Interactive Finds Natural Motivation

Etna Interactive“WorkTraits has naturally helped motivate by connecting employees at a new level. To get technical, the system took what was subconscious and helped us consciously recognize the most important motivating factors for the individuals on our team.”

– Kurt Schulz, Creative Director

Company Profile:

Etna Interactive’s team of skilled web professionals provides online marketing and productivity tools to the medical and healthcare industry. They are involved in all aspects of strategy, design, marketing, engineering, hosting, and copy-writing.

Existing Challenges & Opportunities:

  • Rapid expansion and need for additional staffing
  • Executive team not working most effectively together and in need of assistance understanding how to best lead team development within the company
  • Need to identify where team members best fit within their departments and roles
  • Wanted a proactive approach to build team compatibility, maintain high motivation, and have a solution for conflict resolution

WorkTraits Solutions & Outcomes:

  • Departmental roll out of WorkTraits team trainings, beginning with the executive team to help them understand each other and work more effectively together
  • Team unity created with free flowing conversations and a common language that promotes understanding of each other
  • Company-wide awareness that people work differently and are motivated differently
  • Natural motivation by connecting employees at a new level, and intentional motivation as a result of identifying overall motivating factors within the team

Ultimate Success:

Jenna Mitchell Etna Interactive WorkTraits“Managers have been able to tailor types of projects or tasks, and their presentation of the said projects or tacks, in a way that is more in sync to individual team members working style. Since the approach then is more in line with the team members thinking style it naturally motivates them.”

– Jenna Mitchell, Business Manager

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