Not Just Another Assessment: WorkTraits Positioned to be Game Changer for Small Business

Not Just Another Assessment: WorkTraits Positioned to be Game Changer for Small Business

March 11, 2014

San Luis Obispo, CA – With significant research now supporting the link between a strong focus on culture and the overall success of organizations, the latest communication and compatibility tool aims to be a game changer for small businesses. WorkTraits Compatibility System recently partnered with consulting firm Collaboration LLC to strengthen its emergence onto the national market.

“Businesses have shifted significantly over the past decade, and strong leaders are looking for tools to maximize their most valuable assets—their people,” said WorkTraits Director and Managing Partner, Michael Gunther. “As a consultant focused on helping small businesses, I relied on Myers-Briggs for many years to educate owners about basic human behaviors. When I discovered WorkTraits, I knew it was the next generation of these tools.”

While the national launch is still very much in start-up mode, WorkTraits is building its team and developing Certified Trainers and Resellers to expand their reach quickly. They believe in the power of effective communication, and have integrated modern business fundamentals into their online system to make it practical, effective, and fun—aligning with the culture and values of many thriving organizations, such as global software company MINDBODY.

“Since implementing (WorkTraits) into our recruitment process and utilizing the assessment with our team, we have found it to be a remarkable tool that is streamlining and developing our human capital processes,” said Rachel Gallagher, MINDBODY Human Resources Director.

WorkTraits creator Mark Vickers, Ph.D. has been studying communication and leadership most of his life, and it’s his vision to help people understand each other and interact most effectively together. Over the past decade he’s worked with business leaders to make the tool practical and effective in the workplace.

“When you solve a problem at its roots, you get results,” said Gunther. “That’s what WorkTraits does. It identifies the cause of personal conflicts, miscommunication, and differing motivations. It enables leaders to consider individuals’ strengths in relation to their roles, and build teams with aligning values. It’s changing the way people do business, and that’s exciting for me.”

About WorkTraits
Created in 1995, WorkTraits Compatibility System identifies behaviors and convictions that determine communication and motivation in the workplace. Further developed by Ph.D.’s and business leaders, it calculates compatibility between individuals and teams for the purpose of identifying potential for long term job satisfaction. It’s affordable, accessible, and actionable, designed to meet the needs of small businesses. For more information, visit or call (805) 540-5313.