Does your #WorkSpace show your #WorkTraits?

We want to see your work space!


Do you have only the most essential items on hand? 

Are pictures and toys strewn around to make it fun? 

Does it have personal items, like a family photo? 

Is everything organized, and kept neatly in its place?

Show us! We’re willing to bet there are some signs of your traits & maybe even core convictions. Share pictures with us on our Facebook Page or tag us on Instagram or Twitter (#WorkTraits #WorkSpace).

Our team members Jeff (a Tracker) and Ryan (an Encourager) got the ball rolling…can you tell which image belongs to which person? We’ll give you a hint…on Ryan’s desk, sriracha, a coffee press, beaded necklaces, and several coffee mugs can also be found. In Jeff’s space you’ll notice his iPad, color-coded folders, and a white board with his task list.



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