Do people ever change?

By Michael Gunther

Advice columnists say no, therapists say yes. Who’s right?  Both.

According to research, a person’s behaviors stay fairly consistent over time. If you were an outgoing kid, chances are that you will be an outgoing adult. As we mature we develop skills to enhance our strengths and reduce our blind spots but our prominent behaviors remain the same.

Unlike behavioral traits, core convictions change over time. There are many reasons why this happens. The strength of a core conviction will rise or fall with intensity based on new life experiences. This often occurs when the individual is taught or modeled that value and then gains a new perspective.

Ambition Graphic



Grows when an individual is shown how to reach a better future.



Belief Graphic



Grows because of significant life changes.



Compassion Graphic



Grows because compassion has been shown to them.

They learn to value it.


Discipline Graphic



Grows when an individual needs to improve performance.



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