Bringing WorkTraits Home


By Mark Vickers, Ph.D

I often hear how WorkTraits has been useful in creating harmonious work groups. But more and more frequently I hear how WorkTraits has helped build harmonious homes.

As people gain insight into the communication styles used at work, they naturally apply those insights into their personal relationships. Parents begin to see patterns of behavior and communication in their children. They start to understand what motivates them and what encourages them to speak up and engage with other family members.

Spouses start understanding the motives behind communication, which decreases misunderstanding and increases harmony. In fact, many spouses have told me they no longer need to guess at what their spouse is saying and have started to engage with them at a deeper, more meaningful level.

Aside from improved communication, what is most noticeable in these families is greater respect for one another. Because they understand the motives behind the behavior of their family, they have become more accepting of one another. And with that acceptance has come respect.


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